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Roofer Plaza: everything you need to know about your roof

Looking for a qualified roofer for your next project? On Roofer Plaza, you will find everything you need to know about prices, different types of roofs, materials and more. Before you know it, you’ll be in touch with the best roofer for your project, for the right price. That way, you’ll soon enjoy the safety and comfort of your finished roof.

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What are the costs for hiring a roofer?

Depending on your location, the cost of a roofer can vary from £40 to £60 per hour. However, there are likely more costs involved in your roof project. Just think about the materials for the roof itself. Please find below an overview of average roofing costs for 2 types of roofs. These costs include both the removal and the installation of your brand new roof.

Removal and installation of a new roofAverage unitrate per square meter, including VATAverage total price based on a 50 m2 roof
Flat roof£40 - £65£2,000 - £3,250
Inclined roof£40 - £125£2,000 - £6,000

The price range is dependent on location and the type of material of your roof.

Why is the price measured in square meters and not per hour? We’ve learned that it’s in the consumer’s best interest to quote a roofer based on square meters instead of hours. That way, you will know exactly what you’re paying for. Roofers that are priced per hour are less inclined to match their pace to your expectations, and you’ll have less control over their output as a result. By pricing roofers per square meter, you will remain in charge of your expenses.

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Finding the right roofing specalist for your next project

Protection: the primary purpose of your roof

Your roof is a critical part of your home. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most vulnerable areas. If you are having issues with your roof, then it’s important that you take action as soon as possible.

Issues such as leaks, cracks, damages and general wear could keep your roof from functioning properly. In fact, the entire construction of your home could risk serious damage when your roof is showing signs of failure. In this case, your costs could multiply in a short amount of time. 

So do yourself a huge favor, and prioritise the maintenance – and replacement – of your roof. Find the right roofer for your project here on Roofer Plaza, so you’ll be well prepared for the next British rainshower.

What projects can a roofer complete for you?

There are professional roofers near you that can complete any kind of project. The most frequent type of roof projects are:

  • Roof renovation/replacement:  Your roof might need a complete replacement. This project includes the complete and accurate removal of your old roof and replaces it with a brand new layer.
  • Roof maintenance: If you’re looking to fix a part of your current roof, you’re looking at a relatively small roof maintenance project. Common examples of regular roof maintenance are fixing a roof tile or a crack in your mastic asphalt. Hire a professional roofer right away to extend the lifetime of your roof.
  • New roof: Are you ready to build your dream house? Building a completely new roof on your house is something you can easily outsource. Our network of specialists will take care of your project from start to finish. You don’t need to worry about anything.

These are only the most frequent project that we see here at Roofer Plaza. Roofers can carry out all kinds of less frequent projects as well, like isolating your roof, constructing a dormer or creating roof window.

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Roof types

Want a different type of roof? Or do you want to know all about different types of roofs? Roofer Plaza contains loads of information about your prefered roof type. You’re here because you want to know more, right?

We’ve listed different types of roofs below, some of which are links that lead to more in-depth pages.

These roof types are also included in a table below, which allows you to quickly compare these different types of roofs in the blink of an eye.

Flat roofs

There are multiple materials that can be placed on a flat roof, and each type of material has its specific pros and cons.

  • Bitumen roofing
  • EPDM rubber roofs
  • Green roofs

Inclined roofs

Inclined roofs are quite different from flat roofs, as many materials that are well suited on flat roofs don’t apply well to inclines.

  • Artificial roof slates
  • Bitumen slates
  • Natural slates
  • Thatched roof
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Clay roof tiles
  • Zinc roof

Below table shows these different types of roofing so you can quickly compare what roof best fits your needs.

Roof typePrice per square meter [m2]Lifespan
Flat roofs
- Bitumen roofing£40 - £6525 years
- EPDM rubber roofs£25 - £7550 years
- Green roofs£40 - £7560 years
Inclined roofs
- Artificial roof slates£25 - £6525 years
- Bitumen slates£25 - £4025 years
- Natural slates£50 - £20030 years
- Concrete roof tiles£20 - £4030 years
- Clay roof tiles / Ceramic roof tiles£30 - £65100+ years
- Thatched roof£85 - £10030 years
- Zinc roof£55 - £120100+ years

Things to consider when choosing a new roof?

Is your roof long due for a replacement or upgrade? Then you should be aware of the following tips, as these will likely drop your price and give you the best experience overall.

  1. Think about isolation when choosing a new roof

Did you know that poorly isolated roofs can lose 30% of the heat you generate? It may not be a surprise to you that this poor isolation can quickly accumate into a high energy bill. You can easily calculate how much money you can save when you include isolation in your roofing quatation. This will allow you to compare the costs of proper isolation versus continuing to pay your high energy bill. You’ll probably conclude that including isolation in your roof upgrade is the smart decision.

Tip: When including isolation in your new built roof, it will be added from the outside. This means that your living space won’t be reduced by this added isolation.

2. Consider the possibility of bulk discounts

How is the roof of your niehgbor doing? Is it also in dire need for a replacement or upgrade? Then you should consider quoting both roofs in bulk, as this may very well lead to bulk discounts.

This is most probably the case when you live in a terraced house. Chances are your roof has the exact same age of that of your neighbors, which likely means your neighbors are on your side. Your roofer will quote you less per square meter if the total area of roofing required is bigger. That’s a win-win for you, your neighbors and the roofer!

3. Don’t be afraid to help out yourself!

Roofing is a profession that takes years upon years to master. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to help and speed up the process. In fact, every bit of support will make the project go smoother which can only result in a better roof for your house! You can always ask your roofer about the things that you may be able to help with. Think about cleaning, preparing materials and supplies or even just handing the tools.

4. Apply for grants if your eligible!

Many city councils in the United Kingdom have a program that makes it easier for certain families to upgrade their roof. If you live in one of the big cities, your council likely has a roof repair or maintenance assistance program.

Depending on your income or the type of roof you want to upgrade to, you might be eligable for a grant that covers part of the costs.

It’d be a shame if you later found out that you had the right to nice grant after you already paid for the full invoice! Don’t make that mistake!

5. Always request multiple roofer quotes!

A lot of people makes this mistake:

They are refered to the same roofer that did their neighbors roof last summer, so they just play it safe and pick the same company for the same job. Never change a winning team, right?

Chances are that you are overpaying for your roof. If a roofer gets your business via a referal, they likely didn’t price your project at the absolute best market rate.

Instead, you should always get multiple quotes, so you can compare them all and pick the one that best suits your project.

This is where Roofer Plaza steps in.

Quickly submit your details here in order to receive (free) quotes for your project from trusted roofers near you!