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Roofing costs

If you’re looking for roofing costs, then you’re at the right place. No matter if you’re looking for simple maintenance or a complete renovation, we have listed costs for every type of roofing job.

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Roofing costs per type

We have summarised roofing costs for multiple projects, including:

  • Roof renovation/replacement
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof isolation
  • New roof
  • Dormer placement

Roofing costs for these various type of jobs obviously depend on a lot of factors, like your location, your type of of roof and the overall size of your roof. Therefore, the cost of your roof might vary a lot based on what tools you use for the estimate.

For that reason, we always suggest a price range instead of absolute prices.

Roofing prices

Based on our network of roofers and our expertise, we have summarized the general price range of these different roofing projects in the table below:

Roofing projectRoofing costsDescription
Roof renovation/replacement£40 - £120Per m2, ranging from gutter maintenance to tile replacement on an inclined roof
Roof maintenance£30 - £100Per m2, ranging from gutter cleaning to inspecting and fixing leaks
Roof isolation£60 - £80Per m2, ranging from flat roof top isolation to inclined roofs
New roof£50 - £200Per m2, request a free quote for more details
Dormer placement£3,000 - £4,000For an average flat roof dormer (1.50 m x 2.50 m)

Roof material costs

The material of your existing roof or your new roof plays a crucial role in determining the costs of your roofing project.

For that reason, we’ve listed some commonly used building materials in the table below, with the current price ranges that we’re seeing.

Roof typePrice per 50 square meter [m2]Lifespan
Flat roofs
- Bitumen roofing£2,000 - £3,25025 years
- EPDM rubber roofs£1,250 - £3,75050 years
- Green roofs£2,000 - £3,75060 years
Inclined roofs
- Artificial roof slates£1,250 - £3,25025 years
- Bitumen slates£1,250 - £2,00025 years
- Natural slates£2,500- £10,00030 years
- Concrete roof tiles£1,000- £2,00030 years
- Clay roof tiles / Ceramic roof tiles£1,500- £3,250100+ years
- Thatched roof£4,250- £5,00030 years
- Zinc roof£2,750- £6,000100+ years

You should notice that we’ve also included an average lifespan of these materials. It’s very important that you include these lifespans in your estimate. You have to take the opportunity costs of your roof in account.

For example, the lifetime of your current roof might not be any longer than 5 years. If you still need to fix some parts of the roof and don’t want to commit to a full renovation yet, it might make more sense to opt for cheaper materials. Especially since you’re going to have to upgrade your entire roof anyway.

roofing costs

Roof isolation costs

Isolating your roof is almost always a solid economical decision. A roof with lacking isolation is not just resulting in extra costs, it’s also quite bad for the environment. With an unisolated roof, your overspending on your heating bill every single year. These costs can quickly cover the costs of simply isolating your roof. Especially when you are already planning on having work done on your roof.

The approximate costs of your roof isolation depends on various factors. Below table shows common price ranges for roof isolation costs for inclined roofs and flat roofs.

Roof typeRoof isolation costs
Inclined roofs£25 - £70
Flat roofs£50 - £75

Roof maintenance costs

Roof maintenance projects vary from simple cleaning jobs to the fixing of structural leaks. For this reason, the costs of roof maintenance jobs varies wildly.

The following activities are usually part of roof maintenance projects:

  • Thorough cleaning of your roof
  • Inspecting your roof on leaks
  • Cleaning of gutters
  • Advice on any follow up maintenance jobs

We’ve listed average costs of your roof maintenance in the table below:

Type of residenceAverage roof maintenance costs (per m2)Average total costs for a thorough maintenance job
Terraced house£16£1,000
Duplex house£15£1,100
Detached house£13£1,500

Depending on the results of the inspection of leaks, you might be looking at additional costs for fixing any cracks or damages. These extra costs are much dependent on the type of material, for which we have listed average costs in a previous table.

Dormer placement costs

If you’re considering the placement of a dormer on your inclined roof, you should be aware of the biggest price factor: the type of material of your dormer. The most common materials for roof dormers are wood and synthetics.

The table below shows general price ranges for a typical 1.50 m (height) by 2.50 m (width) dormer:

Type of dormerDormer placement costs
Synthetics (plastics)£4,000

These price ranges don’t include the external material, which should align with the rest of your roof. Based on the surface area of the dormer and your preferred material type, you should be able to estimate the costs based on the previous tables.

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