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Roof moss removal

Having a moss-infested roof comes with severe effects, including property devaluation, roof damages, and blocked gutter systems. To prevent these effects, procuring roof moss removal services would prove to be beneficial. These services, however, should be provided by a licensed roofing contractor or a professional roofer company, that is where we come in.

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Roofs are consistently exposed to humidity, direct sunlight, and cool weather conditions, which create a conducive environment on which moss thrives. Moss tends to absorb and retain water, keeping the roof wet and damp for a relatively long period. This exposes the roofing materials to the risk of wearing out quickly, which ultimately reduces the lifespan of your roof. Also, the water trapped between roof tiles in the form of moss pools is likely to freeze up during cold seasons, forcing the tiles to pull apart. This may result in severe damages to your roof. It is, therefore, necessary to procure roof moss removal services from a specialist when your roof suffers moss infestation. This guide outlines everything that you need to know about roof moss removal in the UK.

The Cost of Roof Moss Removal

Cleaning your roof to remove the grown moss requires expertise and specialist equipment, which is why you should consider hiring a professional roof moss removal contractor. The cost of removing moss from your roof may vary from one roof type to the other. We have, however, analysed and compiled rough cost estimates on various roof moss removal services.

House TypeEstimated Cost
Detached House with a Hip Roof£800
Semi-detached with a Hip Roof£550
Detached with a Gable Roof£500
Semi-detached with a Gable Roof£400
Terraced House£400

Where the cleaning method is a factor, the estimated cost of roof moss removal is as follows;

Cleaning MethodEstimated Cost per Square Feet
Pressure Washing£0.15 to £0.40
Low-pressure Washing£0.30 to £0.50
Hose and Nylon Brush£0.70 to £1.10
Chlorine Bleach£0.05 to £0.25
Sodium Hydroxide£0.15 to £0.30
Lemon juice and salt£0.01 to £0.15

The cost of roof moss removal may also be influenced by such factors as the cleaning method applied, the scope of cleaning, accessibility, roof size, and the state of roof maintenance.

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Hiring a specialist to clean the moss from your roof saves you time and money. Instead of searching for professional roofer companies one at a time, you can assess multiple companies at a go. By filling out and submitting our quick online form, you receive up to five quotes from different roofer companies within two working days. This way, you can compare different quotes and save up to 40% on your roof moss removal project.

Roof moss removal

Methods of Roof Moss Removal

There are various methods applied by different roofer companies to clean the moss from the affected roofs. They include the following;

  • Pressure Washing
    This is one of the most common ways of cleaning the roof from moss. This is because pressure washing is considered to be cheaper and most effective. The technique involves the use of a pressure washer to jet pressurised water across the infested areas of the roof. This method is, however, risky as it exposes the roof to more severe damages. Damages associated with pressure washing include tiles discolouration, minimised roof lifespan, water ingress into the house, and a breakaway of broken tiles.
  • Softwashing or Bleaching
    The use of bleaching agents in roof cleaning has gained popularity over recent years. Soft washing is done after manual removal of moss from the roof. This gives the roof an instant clean and a prolonged effect against moss infestation. The use of sodium hypochlorite bleach, however, can pose serious health threats to the roofers and residents, if not carefully applied.
  • Roof Steam Cleaning
    Roofers can also apply the roof steaming method to remove moss from your roof. Steam heated up to 140 degrees Celsius is jetted around the moss infested areas using low pressure. This method is known for its effectiveness to leave a sparkling clean roof without damaging the roofing materials. However, roof steam cleaning can cause water ingress to your house. It should, therefore, be applied by experts to avoid possible damages to the interior of your home.
  • Powder Laundry Detergent
    This is one of the most effective moss-killing detergent used for roof moss removal. The powder detergent is mixed with some water, and the mixture applied to the moss-infested areas of the roof. The detergent can also be used by mixing it with a bleaching agent to offer better results. The powder should not be applied in areas with vegetation. This is because of its adverse effects on vegetation.
  • Shade Control
    Shade control is a long-term method of moss removal from the roof. Moss thrives in areas with high moisture levels, and shade is a contributing factor of high humidity and dampness. Although you do not have control over the natural vegetation and trees growing around your home, you can control the extent to which shade accelerates the growth of moss. By cutting down and eliminating the vegetation that overshadows your roof, you create a long-term solution to the moss infestation problem.

Benefits of Roof Moss Removal

The cost of removing moss from your roof cannot compare with the benefits that come with this removal. The benefits of roof moss removal include;

  1. A Prolonged Lifespan of Your Roof
    Your roof is one of the most important structures of your property, and you should do anything possible to prolong its lifespan. A roof that has been infested by moss stands at a risk of severe damages, including broken tiles and worn out roofing materials. This is because moss tends to absorb water which, when held on the roof for long, poses serious threats to your roof. By removing moss from your roof, therefore, you not only prevent your roof from damage but also prolong its lifespan.
  2. Gutter Protection
    The gutter system of your house plays a vital role in the drainage of water from the roof to the designated drains or storage tanks via downpipes. With moss infestation, however, your gutter system falls prey to blockages and other related damages. This is because strong winds, rain, or storms force the loose moss down the gutter system, hindering it from draining water effectively. By removing moss from your roof, you enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your gutters and downpipes.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics
    Your roof is the first structure that people get to see from a distance. Having moss growing all over the roof not only reduces the value of your property, but it also diminishes its aesthetic outlook. Loose moss also tends to fall from the roof to your pathways, patio, and most parts of your outdoor space. This also ruins the beauty of your property. Roof moss removal, therefore, plays a critical role in enhancing your property’s aesthetics.
  4. Sustained Warranty
    Installation of new roofs comes with some warranty on both the materials and the labour. However, the warranty remains intact as long as you are putting efforts to maintain and clean your roof. By eliminating a moss infestation from your roof, you allow contractors and the supplying manufacturer to repair or replace your roof when damaged, at no extra costs.

To get these and more benefits, you should consider hiring a professional roofer company that will help you to have the job done. Their materials and services are offered at a relatively cost compared to when you undertake the cleaning by yourself. They are also experienced and have the expertise needed in roof moss removal.

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Hiring specialists to remove moss from your roof is what we recommend. By filling out our quick online form, you receive up to five quotes from varying companies within two working days. With these quotes, you can compare and select the quote that best suits your moss removal project. This will save you up to 40% on your roof moss removal project.

Roof moss removal